Impress With The Most Well-groomed Hair In Any Room Thanks to Our Revolutionary TE-S4 Technology 
  • Get out tangles very easily and leave your hair super soft
  • ​Even the really bad tangles you come across will not cause an issue anymore
  • Glide through your hair wet or dry
  • ​Never feel like it is ripping out your hair
  • ​Get a healthier hair than with a standard plastic brush
  • ​Your scalp has never appreciated a brush more
  • ​Suitable for any hair type (straight, wavy, curly, kinky)
  • ​Eco-friendly made with straw
  • ​Revolutionary RT-F6 technology


The First Hair Brush That Seamlessly Glides Through Any Hair 

If you have spent 10 minutes trying to untangle a comb or brush from your wild mane, the innovative RT-F6 technology behind our Smooth™ Brush is made for you. The Smooth™ Brush is eco-friendly manufactured with straw using our own proprietary formula.

The Smooth™ Brush seamlessly glides through any hair - regardless whether you have straight, wavy, curly or kinky hair. Your well-groomed hair will astonish most people.

What Our Customers Say About Their Smooth™ Towels

"I bought this brush because of it being better for the environment. I also bought a wet brush. I have quarantine hair that is significantly longer than I normally wear my hair. This brush is perfection. It glides through my hair wet or dry. I don't ever feel like it is ripping out my hair. This brush likely contributes to my over all hair being more healthy than it would have been with a standard plastic bristle brush. The bristles seem to glide better through my hair in comparison with my wet brush of the same size and shape."

Emily Miller from Miami
"I have struggled for years to find a brush or comb that can make it through my curly hair without a fight. I am in love with this brush, even the really bad tangles I come across dont cause an issue. My scalp has never appreciated a brush more. Highly recommend this brush for anyone that has spent 10 minutes trying to untangle a comb or brush from their wild mane!"

Laura Doring from New York
"Bought one and then two more for family. Love it. Best hairbrush I ever had. The shape allows it to gently massage the scalp. Awesome. Just awesome."

Maddie Brown from Boston

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I want to return my order?
We have a 120 day money back guarantee. All orders include a free return slip so that you can cancel your order within 120 days and ship it back to us for free. You will not be asked any questions.
2. Which payment methods can I use?
We only offer payment by credit card at this time.
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